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Frame Backgrounds

I got this idea from APS Webgraphics (but they took their PSP site down). This effect is done with a table. The height and width of the cells are pre-defined by the size attributes of the graphic. To view the HTML that makes this possible right click and view the source. I found that with this layout the whole frame will come together nicely.
I choose to use a graphic image for my side bars. With this method I only created one table. You could choose to create three tables; top middle and bottom, and 6 graphics. The outside cells of the middle table can use a color attribute in the cell to make the sidebars.
<TD WIDTH = 20 BGCOLOR="#000000" > (&nbsp;) </TD> The width of the cell would have to be the same as the thickness of the bar you made for the top and bottom rows. This way you could make your text area as big as you want. I found the one table and 8 graphics easier because I didn't have to worry about matching the color or width (but you are limited to how long your text area can be.
So there's the setup, now I'll show you how to make the graphics.

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