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Making the Frame - part 2

Now set the background color to black. Use the selection tool set as Rectangle and antialias unchecked, and make a selection that cuts the top off. Use Edit/Cut and then Edit/Paste as New Image and save this image as your top. Do the same thing with the bottom. You will need to cut the top and bottom pieces to the same size. To do this make sure you watch the dimensions in the lower left corner of the window. The values after the "=" will give you the width and height. When you have the center piece with the top and bottom cut off, use your magic wand tool to select the black areas. Choose Selections/Invert and then Image/Crop to Selection. Do this on each end.
Size   TOP   Center with top & bottom cut   Center

Now to separate the two side bars I make a selection of one side bar and Edit/Cut and Edit/Paste as New. Just like I did for the top, making sure to make my dimensions the same on each side. Now I have the sidebars separated, I can delete the empty center area.
Left   Right

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