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Basics on Brushes

Other Brush Types

Retouch Tool: This tool does not apply paint, but rather it alters it. You can use it to paint an effect to an area or alter the colors of an area, rather than the whole image.

Clone Brush: This brush can be used to repair damaged areas to photographs or to copy part of another image. It can be used within a raster layer, between two raster layers, grayscaled or 24-bit images.

Color Replacer Tool: This tool can be used for large areas where you would like to replace one color with another color (like the Hue Map) from the foreground or background. You can paint the specific areas, or you can change all instances of the color by double clicking the mouse. On the second tab you can set the tolerance. Tolerance value can be increased or decreased, the result will be that colors similar to the one you want to change will be changed as well. The higher the tolerance the more similar the two original colors must be before they are changed to the new color. So as you increase the tolerance, more colors are going to be changed.

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