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Retouch Modes

Lighten Inreases brightness (RGB)
Darken Decreases brightness (RGB)
Soften Smoothes edges/reduces contrast
Sharpen Heightens edges/increases contrast
Emboss Traces edges and suppresses color/makes forground looked raised
Smudge Effects of smearing paint
Push Like smudge but it does not pick up any new color
Dodge Lightens shadowed areas and brings out detail
Burn Darkens areas of the image that are too light
Saturation Up Increases saturation (HSL)
Saturation Down Decreases saturation (HSL)
Lightness Up Increases lightness (HSL)
Lightness Down Decreases lightness (HSL)
Hue Up Shifts hue up (HSL)
Hue Down Shifts hue down (HSL)
Saturation to target Applies saturation level equal to the foreground, but doesn't affect hue/lightness. (HSL)
Lightness to target Applies lightness level equal to the foreground, but doesn't affect hue/saturation. (HSL)
Hue to target Applies hue of foreground color without affecting saturation/lightness. (HSL)
Color to Target Applies foreground color, doesn't affect luminance.