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Aged Photo

Open any photo. Mine is of Our Lady of Good Voyage church in Gloucester, MA. OUR
Add noise to the image by choosing Image/Noise/Add. Select uniform and Noise=20.
Next make your image Grayscale by choosing Colors/Grayscale, then increase the color depth back to 16 million Colors/Increase color depth/16 million colors.
Adjust the brightness to give it a faded/washed out look. Colors/Adjust/Brightness contrast set brightness=20 contrast=20.
Next add aged color. Choose Colors/Colorize and set Hue=30 Saturation=50.
Now we need to soften the photo some so choose Image/Blur/Soften one time.
We need to soften just the edges of the photo just a bit more. Add a symetric border of 20 pixels.
With the magic wand tool select the bordered edge Match Mode=RBG, Tolerance=1, Feather=0.
Select the flood fill tool, and with the foreground as white, fill the border. Now modify the selection by choosing Selection/Modify/Feather set to 20 pixels.
Flood fill the area with white until you have soften the edge to your liking.
Deselect the image and save!

I got this idea from Jan Eriksson (sorry can't find an active link any more). I have made a few changes in some of the settings.

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