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Chalk Drawings

I don't know what you would use this for, but I thought it was kind of neat.... This will turn your photographs into chalk drawings.

First you start out with your image. Mine is of Troy O'Leary (of the Boston Red Sox) celebrating with team mates after hitting a grandslam home run in the 1999 divisional series against the Cleveland Indians, after they walked Nomar to load the bases (and can you believe the Indians made this mistake twice in the same game?).
Next I gray scale my image by going to Colors/Grayscale...
...and apply a Gaussian Blur to it by going to Image/Blur/Gaussian Blur; radius=2.00.
Now I choose Image/Edge/Find All. You will see that it makes your image very dark. Don't worry we will lighten it up a bit.
Now this next step is optional. It really depends upon how dark your image ends up after you Find All Edges. I choose to lighten this image by choosing Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast with settings: Brightness=50, Contrast=10. But on the other image shown at the end of this tutorial, I did not have to adjust the color at all.
Now to give it the effect of being drawn on professional drawing paper, we need to add a texture. In early versions of PSP this might be done with flood filling a layer with a solid color set to a coarse grain texture and then adjusting the opacity of the layer, but in PSP 6 you have the Texture Effect at the click of your mouse! (Image/Effect/Texture) These are the settings I used on this image. I will go into the effects of the settings in my tutorial on Effects and Deformations. For now, you can kind of play with the settings until you achieve the desired effect. At this point we have the option to lighten the image a bit more, but we don't want the image too bright. We want to keep that dull, chalky appearance. Make sure your texture is reduced in size to make a grainy effect, and I choose a light color so I wouldn't darken my image any more than it was already. See arrows for important settings you should adjust.

Now you are finished. I added a small bevel to the outer edge of my image to make it stand out by using the Image/Effects/Buttonize. I also tried this effect on my image of Pedro Martinez (Pitching Ace for the Boston Red Sox and 1999 & 2000 AL Cy Young Award winner).

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