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Colored Eggs

Create a circle and fill it with whatever color you choose.
Apply the deformation filter on it by IMAGE/DEFORMATIONS/PERSPECTIVE-VERTICAL set at -50. Deselect then reselect the egg shape with the magic wand tool.
Now choose IMAGE/EFFECTS/CUTOUT set at Shadow color=black, Opacity=100, Blur=30, V.Offset=-10, and H.Offset=-5.
Now add a new layer and on this new layer create an ellipse with the selection tool and fill it with white. This will be your light-reflection or highlight.
On this layer apply the deformation filter, IMAGE/DEFORMATION/SKEW with settings Horizontal=25. You may need to use the move tool (four-headed arrow) to position this highlight into place.
Finally apply IMAGE/BLUR/GAUSSIAN BLUR with a radius=5.00.
Now decorate however you want! Happy Easter!
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