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Fluttering Flag

Open a new image about 200x100 with a background of white. With the selection tool select a rectangular area 10 pixels from the edge.
With the fill tool color your selection the color you want your flag to be.

Now add your text and deselect.

Make sure your background color is white on the color palette and choose Image/Deformations/Perspective Horizontal; Difference=100.

Go to Image/Plug-in Filters/Filter Factory Gallery B/Fluttering Flag; choose default settings or experiment.

Click on the magic wand set the tolerance=100, feather=3. Select anywhere in the background and press Delete to clean up the background.

Then select Image\Blur\Soften.

I got this tutorial from Sumrall Works Buttonhole. In his tutorial he shows how a Gif animation could also be made from this tutorial very easily.
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