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Open a new image with a white background. Select black as your foreground color. Select the Line tool settings; Line Type=Bezier, Width=1, Antialias not checked. Now make two connecting curved lines to create your petal.
Use the magic wand tool and select the inside of your petal. Use the flood fill to to fill your petal with color (fill style=any) or a texture. If you have Blade Pro or Eye Candy (or anyother filter) they will work here too (use your imagination).
Keeping your image selected, copy your petal by Edit/Copy, and paste it as a new selection over the old one. Choose Image/Rotate settings; direction=depends on which way you want to go, Degrees=Free and as far as you want (depending on the size of your petals) usually 15 to 30.
With the move tool, reposition your rotated petal until the tip meets the original petal in the center. Now deselect it.
Continue to paste new petals and rotate them, adding 15 to 30 to each rotation (i.e. 15, 30, 45, 60, 75...)
When you complete the circle, you can add a center. I just used the selection tool to make a circle, then flood filled it (here I used black and yellow with a sunburst gradient both offsets to set to 50...
...then I took the airbrush tool and selected the texture as asphalt color as yellow, and opacity as 50 and gave it a little texture in the center).
Here I made a copy of my finished flower and pasted it as a transparent image over the original, and rotated it only half of what I rotated each petal.
Another technique is to use the selection tool to make an ellipse, then flood fill it with your color, texture, or filter.
Make a center for your flower (see instructions from above).
Then copy your petal and paste it along the edge of your center using the same rotating technique described above. You can either space your petals or overlap them.
On the final image I didn't like the white that showed through where the petals met the center (I could have eliminated this when I positioned my petals by positioning them in closer to the center), so I zoomed in and with the paintbrush tool, I touched it up!

I got this tutorial from The Hood. Visit this site for more on making original flowers and how to make them into tubes!

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