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Easy Jems

Open a new image about 100x100 and the background transparent/white light colors are best. Choose the selection tool with settings on circle, feather=0 and make a circle any size on your background. Choose the flood fill tool with selections Linear Gradient, Tolerance=0, Opacity=100, Options=135 degrees. Make sure that the foreground color is black and the background color is the color you want your jem.

Now to make the highlight, add a layer to this image and choose the airbrush tool. Choose a white foreground, Shape=round, Opacity=100, Size=proportional to the size of your jem.

Next choose Image/Blur/Gausian Blur set radius=1.50. Then you may need to adjust the brightness. Optional: choose Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast. Set Brightness=-44 and Contrast=100. Save and you are Done!

You could also make a setting for your jemz!

See Abstract Dimensions for more on how to make these jewels!
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