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Stain Glass

This tutorial uses the Blade Pro plugin. Begin by opening your line art image and increase the colors to 16 million.
Choose Image/Edge/Find All.
Now select Colors/Negative Image.
Use the magic wand to select inside of the lines. You may need to hold shift while you select the areas to make sure you get them all. Use the Blade Pro filter with the Pewter preset and fill the selected areas. Then deselect all.
Use the magic wand again to select the large areas that you are going to color. Apply Image/Effects/Cutout with settings; Offsets=both 2, Shadow=black, Opacity=10.
Add a layer and flood fill it with a solid color.
Change opacity of colored layer so that it is lighter and the carvings from the cutout step blend through.
Deselect and merge all layers (flatten). Repeat the steps above until you have a finished product.
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