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Open a new image any size 24 bit with a black background an white or another light color as your foreground.
With the line tool width=1 make a vertical line in the middle of your image.
Go to the Image/Blur/Motion Blur with settings: 30 pixels and 0 degrees.
Create a new layer and make a horizontal line with your line tool. Perform the motion blur on this layer at 90 degrees.
Create a third layer and make a short line at 45 degrees from the center of the cross. Perform motion blur again at 315 degrees.
Now you will use the air brush tool 3 times whith the Paper texture=None Shape=Round, Density=100, Hardness=0, Step=100. Other settings are as follows:
Click Once
Click Once/Twice
Clice 5 Times
You can try different colors and settings to achieve different types of stars. Below is a continuation of this tutorial on star flares off your star.
With your new star open, create a new layer. On this layer use the line tool to create a line that your flares will follow.
Make the background layer active and use the same technique as above to make the glow around your star.
Then delete the new layer that contains the line your flares are following.
The image below was made by opening a new image and typing my text, then promote it to layer.
Next make a copy of your star and paste it over the text as a new layer.
Adjust the Opacity of the new layer in varying stages (saving each stage) as a new image.
Then use Animation Shop to create the animated GIF you see below.
This is an image I was working on for a website logo. I used the above tutorial then I used the Fade transition in Animation Shop.
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