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Carved Text

Open a new image with a white background and apply your text. Deselect it.
Choose Image/Blur/Motion Blur settings at Angel=45 degrees, Intensity=20 or more or less; Experiment!

Make sure you have the palette on white background and choose Edit/Cut. Then go back and paste your image as a transparent image. Do NOT deselect it.

Choose Image/Other/Hotwax Coating. Make sure your foreground is white and background is a dark color.
Apply the motion blur again with the same settings.
Now Selections/Modify/Expand settings=1 pixel, then Image/Blur/Soften. Apply your text again with the same settings. Try to line the edges up, so that you have a 3D block effect. Do not deselect the text.
Next choose Selections/Modify/Contract settings=3 pixels. Now choose Image/Effects/Cutout, the settings are Shadow=Black, Blur=10, Offsets~=4 or 5.
Experiment with DingBats too.

I adapted this from State of Entropy, go there for more.

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