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Chisel Text

Open a new image large enough to fit your text. Apply your text with white color. Keep your text selected; choose Selections/Invert, then choose Image/Effects/Chisel settings; Transparent, Size=20. Then select Selections/Invert again.

Now choose Image/Blur/Blur More.
Then Image/Other/Hot Wax (with white as foreground).
Apply a dropshadow by Image/Effects/Dropshadow (experiment with the settings).
And Colors/Colorize settings Hue=15 Saturation=110.

You can experiment...

Here I applied Colors/Adjust/Brighten and Contrast settings; Brightness=25, Contrast=50.
And here I set the Saturation to 255 rather than 110.
This one I did not apply the Blur filter. It gave it a more Cut Glass appearance. I followed all the other steps but lightened the image (Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast settings; Brightness=30, Contrast=5) after the chisel step and then the Hot Wax step. Then I colorized it with settings; Hue=140 , Saturation=100, and added a dropshadow. It could also be done with a dingbat font...

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