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Edged Text

Open a new image to fit your text. Use a white background and apply your text in white. Do Not Deselect it. Apply Selection/Modify/Feather settings; 4 pixels (Experiment. The more pixels the softer your edges will be).

Now choose a brown color as your background color and Image/Effect/Cutout settings; Shadow=background, Opacity=100 , Blur=10 , Offsets Both=2.

Next Image/Effect/Dropshadow settings; Color=Black, Opacity=100 , Blur=10 , Offsets Both=3.

Now Colors/Negative Image to darken your image and give it a sharp highlight along the top edge.

Finally Image/Edge/Enhance More.

You can experiment with how much you initially feather your text. This is only 2 pixels.

You can also experiment with color you don't have to use brown like I used above. On this image I used blue as a main color.

This image I used red as the main color.

Below is a table that shows the negative image colors for the first column of colors in the color palette.
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