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Etched Text

Open a new image and actually draw your text like this. I used the paintbrush tool set to Size=5, Shape=Round.


Next choose Image/Blur/Blur More.


Now here is where I make some changes...
The original calls for applying a set pallete, but I achieved the same effect by doing this:
I choose Colors/Colorize settings; Hue=~150 Saturation=255.


Then I choose Colors/Negative Image. Blue will convert to Orange. Now choose Selections/Select All then Selections/Modify/Transparent Color settings; Transparent=Black, Tolerance=0


This is the image I am going to fill the background with.


With the BG.gif texture open, return to your image and select the Flood Fill Tool. Fill style=Pattern Options; New Pattern Source=BG.gif. Now fill the background.


Select Image/Plugin Filters/Filter Factory A/Marble Madness One, settings; Amount=169, X-Adjust=42, Y-Adjust=180, Order=0. Experiment with the X and Y Adjust values to adjust the spotlight.


With white foreground selected choose Image/Other/Hot Wax


Finally Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast
settings; Brightness=25, Contrast=50


I got this idea from Chuck Dale who got it from Daniel Cherry. It is called Flint Text. I have made some minor alterations.
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