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Flag Text

To create the background stripes for your image, open a new image with Background=white, Height=16, Width=1. With the paint brush tool fill it half way down (8 pixels) with red, and leave the rest white.
Open a new image to fit your text with a black background (or anyother color except white). Apply your text, then flood fill it with settings; Fill Style=pattern and under options choose the pattern that you made in the above step.
With the selection tool select a rectangle of your image in the upper left hand corner. Now Edit/Copy then Edit/Paste As New Image.
Now with the magic wand tool select all of the black background then choose Selections/Invert. Now the text should be selected. With the flood fill tool settings; Fill Style=solid color select the foreground color as blue.
With the paintbrush tool size=1 to 2 pixels make the white stars.
Again Edit/Copy. On your full text image, Edit/Paste As Transparent Image (Make sure your background is selected as black), line up the blue portion so it covers the stripe area.
If you have Filter Factory B filter (Fluttering Flag) you could make this into an animation.
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