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Glowing Text

Open a new image to fit your text with black as your background. Choose white as your text and apply your font. Save this image selection by Selections/Save to Disk then name your selection glow.sel for later.

Make a copy of this image and paste as new. With Image 1. apply Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast. Brightness=10, then apply the erode filter twice Image/Others/Erode.

With Image 2. apply Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast Brightness=-50

Select Image/Arithmetic. Options; Source Image #1=eroded image, Source Image #2=darkened image, Function=Lightest, Channel=Red, All channels is not checked, Divisor=1, Bias=0, Clip color values is not checked.

Now load your saved selection by Selections/Load from Disk and choose glow.sel.
Apply Image/Blur/Blur

Finally select Colors/Colorize settings; Hue=whatever, Saturation=whatever.

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