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Gold Text

Gold 1

This is thin gold text with a dropshadow.
Open a new image the size of your text or graphic. Apply your text as a light grey color on white background and keep it selected. The way I added the graphic of the cat was through cut and paste. Add your text (thin fonts work best), then the graphic, select none. Now Edit/Cut the entire image and immediately paste it back into the image as a transparent image (make sure white background is selected or it won't work). Now your text and image are selected.

Now choose Selection/Modify/Feather=7 to 10. Then Image/Other/Hot Wax once...

...or twice (I like twice).

Then sharpen the image by selecting Image/Sharpen/Sharpen More.

Lighten the image up a bit by choosing Colors/Adjust/Brightness and Contrast settings; Brightness=-5, Contrast=50 (Experiment).

Now add the dropshadow; Image/Effects/Dropshadow settings; Shadow=black, Blur=15 to 20, Opacity=100, Offsets both=5. Which will give you a Pewter image.

Adjust the color to make it gold by choosing Colors/Adjust/Red-Green-Blue settings Red=100, Green=25, Blue=0.

If you put the settings at Red=30, Green=10, Blue=0 you will have Copper text.
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