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Mirror Text

Open the image of your text, make sure colors are increased to 16 million (Colors/Increase Color Depth/16 Million Colors 24-bit). Make a copy of it. Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste as New Image.

Apply the Image/Deformations/Skew filter settings; Horizontal=30 to 45. Make sure there is enough space around your image, as this filter may shift your image off the screen.

Next Image/Blur/Blur More. Do this as many times as you like, I only did it one time.

Now Apply your text image over this blurred image. Edit/Paste as Transparent Image (make sure the background of your image is selected as the background for the color palette). Line up the images' edges.

Now we need to to a little editing to the original image so, Edit/Paste as New Image. We need to crop this image as tight as possible along the bottom. After you do this then Edit/Copy, and you can get rid of this image.

Now Edit/Paste as New Layer.

On new layer apply Image/Flip to invert the image so it will be the reflection. With the Move Tool, nudge the inverted image so it's edge is lined up with the other edges.

On the layer control panel adjust the opacity of this new layer to about 50 or 60 (or whatever makes your image look like a reflection).

Here is an image on a black background. Notice I left out the shadow behind the text.

On this image I applied a motion blur (Image/Blur/Motion Blur settings; 45 degrees, 5 pixels) and then I adjusted the layer opacity.

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