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Neon Text

Create an image to hold your text, with a black background. Choose a bright color for your text. Deselect your text.
Now apply Image/Other/Dilate. Repeat as needed, more for thin fonts.
Apply Image/Blur/Blur More three times to this image.
Now choose another color for the foreground, and reapply your text with the same settings. Center it over the blurred text.
Some variations on this effect. These I applied the text in different colors, first a dark purple text over the light purple glow, then white text over light purple glow.
This is a blue glow with purple/linear gradient text.
This is multiple layers of glow. First layer is bright green, the second layer is bright yellow and does not have as much blur. The third layer is white. Then I applied the white text again, choose Selections/Modify/Contract settings; pixel=1 to 2 (depending on the thickness of your font), and flood filled it with black.

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