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Slant Shadows

Open a new image to the size you need for your text. Add your text. Do not deselect the text.
Next add the shadow that will be behind the text. Select Foreground=light grey, background=darker grey. Choose the Flood Fill Tool settings: Match Mode=RGB Value, Tolerance=200, Fill style=Linear Gradient Options; Direction=180 Degrees. Now deselect the text.
Select background=same color that you used for your background color in your image. Choose Image/Deformations/Skew settings: Horizontal=45 (or more) Vertical=0. Choose Image/Blur/Soften once.
Now add your text again, use the same size/font/etc. Align your text over the shadow. Do not deselect text.
Next fill your text with the background color or pattern of your choice.
Add the 3D look to the text. From the menu bar select Image/Effects/Cutout settings Shadow=Black, Opacity=100, Blur=4, V.Offset and H.Offset both=1. Repeat this one more time with Vertical and Horizontal= -1. Deselect the text.
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