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Shine Text

Open a new image to fit your text. I used a light color and the NightSky text. Apply your text then deselect it.
Now apply Image/Blur/Motion Blur settings; angle=0 degrees, pixels=20, and apply 2 to 3 times (depending on the thickness of your text). Next promote this to layer.
Add a new layer and apply the same text again in the same place. You could stop here, or for more of a glow continue...
Now blur again but apply Image/Blur/Gausian Blur settings; radius=5.00
Create another new layer and apply the same text again, and you are finished.

Some alterations you could do is...

Add Image/Effects/Cutout settings; Shadow=foreground (choose a color darker than your text), Blur=2 to 3, Both Offsets=-1 to -2.
This image I did not follow through with the Gausian Blur, but did apply the cutout.
With this image since my font was so thick (and to make the image a little dreamier), I applied the Motion Blur with pixels set to 40. I did this twice. Then I applied the Gausian Blur, three times on the settings already mentioned above. I also applied the cutout on this image to make the text stand out.
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