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Vector Text

Open a new image with white background. Mine is about 300x300.
Choose the Preset Shapes tool .
Select settings in the tools menu. Type=circle, Style=filled, Antialias=checked, Create as Vector=checked. Start about midway down and a third of the way in from the edges of your background. In the lower left hand corner of your screen watch the values until it reaches 100x150 (100 in the x direction and 150 in the y direction). This circle is called the path.
Choose the text tool and move the cursor until it makes a rocking A symbol

then click to open the text menu. Create your text with Floating and Antialias checked.
On a new layer, create another vector circle (path) about a third of the way in on the opposite side (x=200, y=150).
Before you add your text select IMAGE/FLIP, then add your text like you did above. This will give you an upside down text, so just choose IMAGE/FLIP again.
But this gives you backwards text, so you will need to choose IMAGE/MIRROR to make it go the right way.
Go to your layers menu and delete the vector layers (the path circles we made) and line up your text.
You now have curvy text that you can edit in anyway...dropshadow, filters, gradient fills...


Another way you can do this effect is to use your Draw tool using any type of line. Here I used a Bezier curve. Make sure that Antialias and Create as Vector, are both checked, then create your curve.
Next add your text as described earlier. But this time rather than creating a new layer and another path, just delete the vector layer and you are just about done.
Now you can add your effects to your text (dropshadow, flood fill...).

I also did this flower frame with the same method except I used a dingbat font and the ellipse rather than the circle shape tool. Then I promoted it to a layer, made a selection in the center and deleted it, and finished by EDIT/COPY/PASTE AS NEW LAYER over the photo of my niece. Note: sometimes you have to add spaces between your letters or characters to get it to fit correctly around the path.
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