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Creating and Editing Gradients

NOTE: This tutorial has very large graphics. To prevent the page from taking a long time to load, I have placed each step on it's own page. I have also used a very handy tool called Picture Dicer by Shoe String Products. This tool cuts an image into smaller parts and then puts them together in a table with all the HTML code necessary. This lets the image load a little faster. You can down load Picture Dicer for free here or here. If these links are no longer available you can email me and I will send it to you, or you can try to email Bill Phillips directly. Hopefully someday PSP will have this a knife tool in future versions. If you find this handy tell JASC that you want it added, and tell Shoe String to keep making great products!

Select your flood fill tool and open the Tool Options palette. Choose any gradient style and go to the gradient tab. Now click Edit to open the editing menu.


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