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Steel Plate Text

Open a new image to fit your text on white. Set the foreground=white, background=dark grey. Select the flood fill tool with settings; Style=Rectangular Gradient, Match Mode=RBG value, Opacity=100, Tolerance=100.
Now Image/Noise/Add settings; Uniform, Noise=50
Next Colors/Greyscale then Colors/Increase Color Depth/16 million colors
Choose Image/Blur/Gausian Blur settings; Radius=1.50. Then Image/Blur/Motion Blur settings; Direction=135, Pixels=40 about 2 to 3 times.
Now enter your text. Save it to disk by Selections/Save to disk (save it as text.sel) Then delete the text from your image.
Now reload the text by Selections/Load from disk (load text.sel) do not deselect it. Apply Image/Effects/Cutout with settings; Shadow=white, Opacity=70, Blur=1, Both Offsets=1.
Apply the cutout again except change the Shadow to black and both Offsets to -1.
Now choose Image/Effects/Dropshadow settings; Shadow=black, Opacity=100, Blur=10, Both Offset=1.
Finally choose white as your background and apply Image/Effects/Buttonize settings; Height=5, Width=5, Opacity=60, Transparent Edge selected.

I got this idea from Jan Eriksson (but I can't find an active link any more).

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