Open a new image with the dimensions equal to however thick you want your ribbon to be. Choose the color you want for your ribbon in the foreground and black as your background then Flood Fill with settins; Linear gradient, options; Direction=180 degrees.


Copy this image by Edit/Copy, then Edit/Paste as New Image. Now choose Image/Flip.


Open a new image twice the height of your colored images. Cut and paste your images into this new image so that they line up with eachother to make one whole ribbon. Then copy it by Edit/Copy.


Open a new image about 200x200 (or whatever) and paste your ribbon into it by Edit/Paste as New Selection. With the Move Tool reposition your selection where you want to start your weave. Paste another copy of your image and this time choose Image/Rotate settings; Direction=Right, 90 degrees.


Then use the Move Tool and reposition this selection. Position it half way down the first selection.


Keep adding selections this way to form a lattice.


For the first image I used a white background, but you could use black or any other color you want. You may not want any color to show through so just make your ribbons thicker.


Through careful selection of your finished image you could make a background or border.


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