The following tutorials are just a guideline. Try experimenting and keep in mind that some of the settings that are listed in the tutorial may not work on your image/font etc., because of size, dimensions or color. Make adjustments as necessary. Important notes or settings with negative values are printed in red. You can get the plugin filters from any site listed on my Resources Page. When using PSP3 or PSP4 use the following formula to convert between percentages (used in PSP5 or PSP6) and the 1-255 scale (used in PSP4 and under). (PSP5 or PSP6 percentage x 255 )/100 = PSP3 or PSP4 value. example: (70 percent x 255)/100 = 178.5 (or 179)

Text Effects

Blood Text
Carved Text
Chisel Text
Cool Text (ice)
Dramatic Text
Edged Text
Embossed Color Text
Embossed Text
Etched Text
Flag Text
Flame Text
Glass Text
Glowing Text
Gold Text (1)
Gold Text (2)
Vector Text
Gold Foil Text
Liquid Metal Text
Mercury Text
Metal Text
Metal Text (soft)
Mirror Text
Neon Text (1)
Neon Text (2)
Outline Text
Plastic Text
Shadow Text (1)
Shadow Text (2)
Shadow Text (3)
Shine Text
Streak Text (animation)

Image Effects

3D Bars
Aged Photo
Add Ambiance to a Photo
Clipart Animation
Colorize Clipart
Collage using Layers
Colorize a B&W Photo
Cutout Images
Depressable Buttons
Dream Images
Decolorize a Photo
Faded Borders
Fishbowl Photo
Fluttering Flag
Glowing Images
Jem Settings
Jewel Tiger's Eye
Marble Texture
Paint Spilled Image
Postit Notes and Rolled Edges
Raindrops on Photos
Raindrop Image
Reflective Image
Selection Filled Images
Spinning Images (animation)
Stainglass Images
Steel (1)
Steel (2)
Weaved Patterns

Background Effects

Beveled Border
Border Images
Embossed Background
Faded Image Background
Framed Background
Gradient Background
Jewled Border
Textured Background

Other Tricks

PSP General Tips and Basics
PSP Resources Page
Other things to do with Graphics
PSP Animation Shop Tips
Paint Shop Pro
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